In the year 2180,

the world is experiencing 4°C warming. New York, Moscow, Johannesburg, wellington and many more encounter unprecedented conditions in their cities.



Climate change unquestionably represents the biggest challenge to the continued presence of humankind — or any other species — on this planet. We don’t lack solutions to climate change. We lack political and collective will. People who are inventing and thinking of solutions are sometimes disconnected, working in different fields in different countries. 2100: A Dystopian Utopia in VR will bring scattered, environmentally conscious individuals together into a centralized space where they can engage with each other and those wanting to learn and take action. Our vision for 2100 VR is one of ongoing expansion, community building, and a trove of real-world applications, becoming a  gathering place for eco-aware people.




Johannesburg, South Africa

What if your neighbor was a flock of weaver birds? You can learn to farm, build, or scale the city walls if you’re not afraid of heights!

You can learn to farm, build, or scale the city walls if you’re not afraid of heights! A river oasis and grazing animals are hidden beneath your feet. Design innovative technologies and techniques to address the ongoing climate crisis, retrofit cities all over the world where

the coexistence of humanity and nature is a reality. 




Moscow, Russia

Subway surf a maglev with your friends or lead a robot army to the poachers’ lair hidden between the twist towers of Moscow.

Shoot 760 mph through the Hyper Loop and soar in a zeppelin 2,000 feet above this megacity of 20 million.

Immerse yourself in a new realm of possibility!




Wellington, New Zealand

What if you could scale a vast vertical forest stretching 2,800 feet into the sky?

Feel the warmth of the sun deep below the ground as you farm, play, and swim in a suspended waterfall.

Collect water, grow food, and generate clean energy!




New York,  USA

Sirens are blaring and the city is humming with activity. A fast-moving Category 7 storm is approaching New York City.

Hurry! We need your help! It’s up to you to prevent the underwater turbines and energy park from being destroyed.

You must close the storm-surge barriers, enter the eye of the hurricane, and survive.



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Check out 2100: A Dystopian Utopia – The City After Climate Change, the book the game is based on!

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