Futurecurrent: Envisioning Emerging Ecologies for Jamaica at Columbia University GSAPP!


Kicking off the fall semester Adv V studio at GSAPP! Had a VR demo day for students in Futurecurrent: Envisioning Emergent Ecologies studio focused on a beautiful site in rural eastern Jamaica, and a screening of the documentary Life and Debt. Thanks so much to the folks in the shop for giving us the space to do this. First pin up is next week and they’re already off to a great start!

Students gathered to try out a variety of immersive experiences including Notes on Blindness, The Key, and even Beat Saber!
Getting a chance to understand and experience the power of immersion from day one is a real boost to our work as a studio
Very happy to be working with such a talented group from GSAPP’s third year M.Arch and AAD programs
Being able to share immersive experiences across the class was incredibly helpful in gaining a direct understanding of the power of this medium
The Key explores issues of home and displacement for refugees
No guardian on this headset so a spotter was needed!
Not so scary on a screen, but at 1:1 those teeth are pretty menacing!
Some of the group already own headsets, while others can make use of this fantastic workshop space where they can test their ideas!
Being immersed in a 360 degree environment is unlike any other tools we have to develop and showcase our ideas
Long lines and terrifyingly soulless bureaucrats in The Key, VR is an empathy machine

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