Studioteka’s 2180 Moscow, Work in Progress!


See the latest updates on our Moscow site for 2100: A Dystopian Utopia in VR! Renewable energy is harnessed from wind turbines attached to city buildings and infrastructure, and also from the motion of electric cars, bicycles, and pedestrians as busy Muscovites go on with their lives. The city has been reforested, a move that's as good for capturing carbon as it is for increasing biodiversity and improving mental health and well-being. This, along with other renewable and carbon sequestration tech that is integrated into the urban fabric, makes for a city humming with activity and clean energy. A big shout out and thank you to Studioteka's own Ethan Davis for the work in progress!

Wind turbines attached to the building and infrastructure facades to generate renewable energy.
Bringing greenery to the city perfect for capturing carbon and viewing for a midnight stroll.