Studioteka is a NYCxDesign Inaugural Breakout Grant Finalist!


Green energy infrastructure on the elevated F train structure in Brooklyn.

Truly honored to have NYCxDesign’s endorsement of our ongoing work further developing the worlds of 2100: A Dystopian Utopia in virtual reality. 2100: A Dystopian Utopia in VR will be an open world, massive multiplayer survival game in VR that allows players to become immersed in the future cities of the book. Set in the year 2100 with a devastating average of 4°C of global warming, the player will begin the game by choosing their starting location from among a selection of cities that are markedly changed from the ones we know today. However, all hope is not lost and these tough survivors are working hard to bring the Earth – now a hostile planet – back from the brink. Every month in real-time is a year in the game where seasons and weather undergo rapid and dramatic shifts in response to the players’ actions. Each player will make choices that will impact the individual and collective experiences of those immersed in this futuristic world. These experiences will hopefully leave the player with a fresh perspective on their own individual agency as a part of collective action on this pressing global issue. Thanks go out to our intrepid 2100 VR team: Ethan Davis, Mahara Falif, Violet Greenberg, Andrew Homick, and Sandra Lyboun, and advisors Olivia Mcgilchrist, David Polinchock, and Tamiko Thiel!

Stay tuned for updates and see the article on NYCxDesign’s website here!

Street scene with algae generators, piezoelectric sidewalks, and green facades.
2180 New York street scene after the storm.
Wilderness grows on the city’s activated roofscape.
Can cities be more like forests?
We say yes!

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