Hanging out with Tamiko Thiel at Glimpse Group Headquarters!


Had a lot of fun showing our 2100 NYC VR progress with Glimpse Group to Tamiko Thiel, a wonderful VR/AR artist based in Munich! We also had a look at some of the great work that Glimpse is doing. VR/AR is a fantastic tool, so fantastic in fact that you don’t mind how silly you look wearing the head gear! Stay tuned, much more to follow!

Group photo, fun sharing session, thanks you guys!

Tamiko looking up at the bridge in 2100, NYC!

Tamiko’s husband checking out Glimpse’s work!

When you’re in VR you hardly notice the people around you moving wires so you don’t trip over them! Thanks, Tamiko!

This AR project allows the artwork to jump off the page and move when you scan it with a tablet, Beautiful!

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