Student work from the Futurecurrent Jamaica Studio Mid Review at Columbia GSAPP!


Futurecurrent Studio Mid Review student work at Columbia GSAPP! Put on your headset and jump into VR experiences that envision climate devices engineered to solve site specific problems on a fragile coastal site in eastern Jamaica. Students explored hybrid strategies combining landscape with infrastructure to support the rewilding of the coastline by replanting the mangroves that serve as nurseries for fish and other sea life, as well as important natural protective barriers against erosion and hurricanes. Other strategies looked at water collection, storage, recycling, hydropower, and aquaponics used to purify the river which flows through our site. Carbon capture strategies created innovative facade screening devices which also capture wind power. Carbon is then stored to be repurposed as bricks, electrodes for batteries, and 3D printing filament. Virtual reality is a powerful tool that enables us to experience and explore these innovative strategies directly at a 1:1 scale.

Stella Dai + Xiangru Zhao
Jinseon Noh + Yuchen Huang
Aahana Banker + Anthea Viloria + Francesca Doumet
Leah Smith + Xinan Tan
Takashi Honzawa + Jo Hee Lee