Studioteka’s 2180 Wellington, Work in Progress!


Work in progress on 2100: A Dystopian Utopia in VR! Latest updates from our site in Wellington, New Zealand. A furry bridge is seen in the distance spanning the hilltops over the Ngauranga Gorge, harnessing wind energy generated from tiny piezoelectric follicles. Landscrapers serve as an integrated eco-system, with a green facade and vertical farming at the core plunging deep into the ground. Inspired by the Low Line, a fiber optic lighting system with mirrors provides concentrated sunlight to both plant life and human inhabitants. Public spaces connect the nature of the exterior to that within while providing space for walking, jogging, picnicking, and even fishing. Residents enjoy the different levels of parks, playgrounds, and lakes while growing and harvesting from the core's bountiful food supply.

Exterior view of the Landscraper with the Ngauranga Gorge in the distance.

Vertical flythrough panning up the many levels of the Landscraper.

Flythrough the core of the Landscraper looking towards the top.