Studioteka’s 2180 Johannesburg, Work in Progress!


Work in progress on 2100: A Dystopian Utopia in VR! Here are some updated visualizations from our site in Johannesburg, South Africa. Joburgers and wildlife coexist peacefully through changes in section. An elevated plinth separates the two, with corridors beneath allowing for the movement of wildlife between animal sanctuaries located at opposite ends of the site. A maglev train is tucked in between the two layers, with wind belts above harvesting wind energy. Bird nesting areas are incorporated into building facades, encouraging native species, such as weaver birds, to build their nests. Atop the plinth, small scale farming plots, recreational areas with murals by local artists as a backdrop, an array of shops, and a bustling outdoor market provide areas for people to mingle and congregate in a space intertwined with nature.

Fly through between the buildings where weaver birds nest along the facades.

Fly through the lively marketplace.

The platform in which humans inhabit is elevated allowing for existing wildlife to navigate the terrain undisturbed.