Vanessa Keith Lunchtime Lecture at CUNY for People’s Climate Action Plan for New York–Thank You!


Highlights from Vanessa’s talk at A People’s Climate Action Plan for New York at the CUNY Graduate Center in NYC. Thanks so much to Climate Action Lab and Ashley Dawson for the invite to speak at this inspiring day long event. Now let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work! #climateactionnow#greennewdeal#greennewdealNYC#studioteka#UR2100#CUNY

Speaking about the megacities of the future in 2100: A Dystopian Utopia!
Who is Studioteka? Here’s what we do and what makes us tick!
This is why we don’t want to go to a 4 degree world. Stop the madness!
Renewable energy takes up a lot of space, but are we using space efficiently? How many of us have a second or third space that’s empty because we’re in this room?
Being smart about hybrid spaces and incorporating clean energy tech into our cities and infrastructure will make meeting our energy needs possible in 2100
Talking about our 2100 settlement on the storm battered Gowanus Canal. Can we harness energy from storms?
2100 NYC has energy capture tech mounted on its buildings and infrastructure
Can human beings make sustainable settlements in Antarctica? If we go to 4 degrees, we may have to consider it
Despite the urgent timetable, there’s a lot going on that’s positive–talking about new developments in technologies and techniques aimed at rolling back climate change!
Thanks so much for the invite to share our work!
And thanks to Terreform and Cecilia Fagel for coming to support the event!

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